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Hired this company to do our concrete flooring. We supplied the company with pictures of the color and design we wanted done to our floors.

Trey confirmed he could complete the task and do it in three days. It took the company over a week to complete the task. After looking over our floor there were many issues. I explained the original pictures he sent was not at all what we had wanted and to blend the color in.

He used towels to make a design but only did it on part of the floor. (Mainly the living room) When I explained there were areas there were needing to be done and spots missing color, he grabbed a water bottle and sprayed the corners. He stated they would fix the design to match the rest of the flooring, which was never done. They never fixed the design in the corners, closets, hallways or two other rooms.

The last day they rushed so fast to get it done, get out and take the last check. They stated we couldn't go back in the home because it needed to dry but would look prestige and he fixed all the issues. When we got in the home there were lines on the floor, concrete was uneven, they never fixed the design, there blotches of paint all on the floor, spots from a dripping rag that went all the way to the purple room and they used the wrong colors. One room was supposed to be purple.

He said he accidently put blue down. When he sent us pictures of the room he would never show the closet. I told him I needed a pictures and asked why it was so dark. He messed up and put blue down and that he couldn’t get the color off.

He did what he could to blend the colors. At first it didn’t look to bad but then he somehow put the brown from the main room on the floor as well. So now that room look like a big mess with three colors and drops of brown on the floor leading out the door. Also, where the three color from the three different areas meet in the hallway and that looks horrible as well.

You should see where one room starts and the next ends. We told him if he did samples of the colors where to do them at and how much space could be used. I’m not sure why he needed to do samples in the home and outside of the home in so many areas. He even went way over the boundaries in the home that were given to him and then stated he could not fix it.

That it would have to stay that way. Which is unacceptable and it’s even a different colors then what’s on our actual floor. He got paint on my back patio, entry walkway, grass and driveway. He said he would clean it up and never did.

We were rushed out of the home and told we couldn’t go back in to look because they already sealed most of the floor. That the last touch ups he would get done before they left. Turns out he never fixed anything he said he would, put down a wax coating and didn’t even put the gloss down to seal it. When we confronted him on what work was done and asked what we paid extra for, he stated he didn’t know and would have to look at the paper work.

He verbally stated he could not fix the color issue and that the uneven lines are always like that. We told him we were not satisfied with his work and that we wanted him to redo our floors or at least give us our money back. He stated it was buyer remorse and we were being difficult. That we were fine with the floors when we gave him final payment.

My purple room is completely ruined. I’m constantly asked when I’m getting my floors done or what happened to them. Which is not the reaction you should get if the job was done correctly.

We just want to make things right get our floors redone or be refunded in full for the inconvenience. Since our disputes, the company hasn't tried to contact us to resolve the issue.

Product or Service Mentioned: Artisan Of Texas Flooring.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $6500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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