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I hired Frank and Trey Cameron in April to build a patio in my back yard. An original invoice detailing the work was submitted and agreed upon. Some of the work has been completed, although at less than a professional level. The yard was not leveled before pouring the concrete, and there are already cracks appearing. Crude holes were cut out for gutters rather than installing proper equipment. Concrete was splashed onto the house. The edges of the cut-outs are crumbling.

The electrical work Frank Cameron installed was done without a permit and included the following problems:

- Used 1/2" conduit with Romex interior rated wire on an exterior project

- Less than 6" below grade

- Illegal wiring run into breaker box, hooked to circuits too small for voltage

The electrical wiring and gas lines he has run are illegal, as Frank and Trey Cameron are unlicensed. I’m not sure who to report this to.

I will have to have the entire electrical job redone by a licensed company with a permit.

The gas lines run are inadequate and unlicensed. I will have to have a licensed plumber redo the entire job, resulting in part of the poured concrete pad having to be demolished and repoured.

The house needs to be repainted where the concrete was scraped off.

Corners of the back yard reek where the workers went to the bathroom.

No outlet doors were built in the structures that will be required for access to the gas connections. Those will have to be built into existing structures.

Bags of trash and other debris were left behind. There are maggots, etc. in the trash that was left behind. Bags of masonry concrete will need to be hauled away.

I last spoke with Frank Cameron on June 6, 2013, when he asked for more money, supposedly because 3 of his checking accounts “had been hacked”. I refused to give him another payment. Within 2 hours, I had received a new invoice with additional charges and increased charges from the original invoice.

Frank Cameron still has the opener to my property gate, my gate padlock is missing, my hose box is broken, and 2 garden gnomes, an extension cord, and new spotlights have concrete on them.

6/13/13 - I’ve sent Frank 3 or 4 emails asking for updates and the whereabouts of my missing items, and I left a voicemail with Trey Cameron. All have gone unanswered.

A search for Nueces County revealed 2 civil suits brought against Frank Cameron with both judgments for the plaintiffs. There are also numerous entries for Artisan of Texas at www.ripoffreport.com.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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